student presenting thesis
Honors students regularly present their projects at the MidWestern Political Science Association annual meeting.

Students who attain a GPA of 3.6 of higher, both overall and in the major, are automatically eligible to enroll in the Honors Seminar (POLS 5800) in the Fall of their senior year and write an Honors Thesis (POLS 5810) in the Spring of their senior year. Other students may be invited to pursue Honors by the faculty. The Honors Seminar is a prerequisite for the Honors Thesis. Students who attain a grade of A- or higher for the Honors Thesis will graduate with Honors in Political Science and International Relations. Both the Honors Seminar and Honors Thesis count toward the 24 semester hours of upper division course work required of majors.

Recent Theses 

This list of theses were written and presented by the Honors Thesis Class of 2023

Country Favorability and Foreign Aid: Do Americans Give More to the Countries They Like?

by Paul Fitchen

Full of Dread for Higher Ed: Public Opinion on the Value of Higher Education

by Ruth Alcantara

World on Fire: The Influence of Social Media on Public Opinoin of Climate Change

by Nathalie Yacoub

The Supreme Court's Legitimacy

by Cameron Alexander Menendez

Invasion of Immigrants: The Use of Metaphorical Framing Against Immigrants in American News and Media

by Annika Lai

Siempre Estas En El Telefono: A Study on Latine Youth and Their Impact on the Future of Politics

by Julianna Gomez

Viva La Patria: The Political Behavior of Cuban Americans

by Olivia Sabates

Substantive Due Process in Peril? An Examination of the Fragility of Unenumerated Rights

by Claire Peshut

Political Violence Usage Inconsistiencies in Liberation Movements 

by Julia Lemmon

What Fulfills Economic Rights: A Historical and Emperical Question

by Cameron Freestone

We Should All Try to be Terrorists: A Study of Surveillance and Their Consequences on Behavior and Community

by Andrea Younes

Missing the Mark: The Trouble with the Trafficking in Persons Report

by Kaya Renee Rodrigues

Sex Work: Criminalization Regulation and Liberation

by Andrea Gaurdiola

Overworked and Under Supported: The Gap Between Reasonable Accomidation Policy in the Americans with Disabilites Act and Students with Hidden Disabilites in Post-Secondary Education

by Jordan Fray