While at LMU, many political science and international relations students will find opportunities to do independent research, under the close guidance of a Professor. The University offers some funding for students interested in this type of research. Below you will find links to the various undergraduate research opportunities available at LMU, as well as a link to a list of undergraduate publishing opportunities.

Political Science and International Relations Honors Thesis

Check out the past thesis research in the display case in the Political Science and International Relations Village.

Independent Undergraduate Research Program (IURP)

Financial support is provided for students who wish to engage in faculty-mentored research. Financial support includes funds for research stipends, supplies and travel.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

Financial Assistance is provided to fund independent student research over the summer, working closely with a faculty mentor.

Previous Summer Undergraduate Research Projects include

  • Brittany Rosario-Gregory/Michael Genovese – The American Oligarchy and Civic Engagement
  • Gabrielle Wilson/Fernando Guerra – Funding Failure or Volatile Violence: Examining the Motivations of Historic Crime Drops
  • Hannah Gioia, Priscilla Torres/Jennifer Ramos – Conflict and Food Security in Developing Nations
  • Justin Speak/Richard Fox – Oil, Islam, and Women Revisited
  • Mauro Gomez/Jodi Finkel – Discrimination in Mexico: Examining the Implementation of Rulings by Mexico’s Federal Electoral Court in Autonomous Communities, 2000-2015
  • Nadine Iskander/Michael Genovese – Did President Nixon’s Role In the Arab-Israeli Conflict Further Aggravate Tensions Between Arab Countries and Israel?
  • Tiffany Mensah/Evan Gerstmann – Same Sex Marriage and The Nation

Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Symposium is your opportunity to share your research and creativity with the LMU community. Presentation formats include paper presentations, panel discussions, poster sessions, and presentations of creative endeavors.

Student Conference Funding

BCLA Student Travel/Conference Funding Request: Initiative to partner with BCLA Departments and Programs in support of our students' attendance of and/or participation in academic conferences, and to provide students opportunity to seek extra-departmental funding to cover costs of transportation and lodging for an academic conference or workshop.

Publishing Opportunities

A list of undergraduate journals accepting submissions that deal with political and international issues, themes, and perspectives.