Students majoring in International Relations can specialize in several emphases*, or thematic areas, that reflect both the mission of LMU and current global issues. These emphases include Conflict and Peacebuilding, International Development, and Human Rights. While students still need to take the required upper division courses (POLS 3620, POLS 4650, and a 5xxx level course), students may choose to take their other electives courses within one of these tracks of study in order to investigate a thematic area more closely.

We have developed these emphases, based on a sample of current course offerings, to assist with course selection and program planning. Students may also find it useful to develop a course of study based on interest in a particular region, country, or other thematic area. Elective offerings that correspond to each of the three suggested emphases include:

Conflict and Peacebuilding
POLS 3630 | Peace and Reconciliation
POLS 3960 | Future of the United Nations
POLS 3998 | International Law and Maritime Disputes
POLS 5420 | Rivalry and Cooperation in East Asia
POLS 3998/5998 | Ethics and Peacebuilding
HIST 3998 | History of Russian Foreign Policy
HIST 4540/POLS 3998 | Palestine/Israel Conflict
International Development
ECON 3750 | Global Poverty
ECON 4740 | Economic Development
SOCL 3370 | Sociology of Globalization
SOCL 3371 | Gender and Global Migration
SOCL 3998 | Work and Labor in Global Economy
HIST 3810 | Chinese Economy
HIST 3820 | Environment and Economy in China
HIST 4998 | Cities and Identities in Africa
POLS 3430 | Politics of Latin America
POLS 3998 | Politics of Mexico
Human Rights
POLS 4510 | Modern Slavery
POLS 4620 | Human Rights and Global Change
POLS 5720 | Comparative Human Rights
POLS 5960 | Humanitarian Aid and Intervention
SOCL 3260 | Human Trafficking
SOCL 3371 | Gender and Global Migration
SOCL 3998 | Race in Latin America

*Please note the emphasis is not an official concentration that will appear on student degrees or transcripts. This is a recommended path of study within the International Relations major.