Nadine Iskandar in front of UN flags
Nadine interned at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.
Breanne interned with the Global Threat Management team at Sony Pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles
Kamryn interned as a special education teacher in Jinja, Uganda, with Ekisa Ministries
Samantha is working for a Barcelona based non-profit from California
Street Action Professionals
Miram Interned with the Los Angeles Chapter of United Nations Women US
Jack Twiford wearing a backpack
Jack interned with a Wyoming Senator
Jack Palen wearing a suit and and tie
Jack learned about the United States' political process while interning with Congressman Jim Cooper
Avery Dillon stands in front of a lake
Avery coordinated events, cleaned up data, and made business plans for a large lobbying firm which provided her important law school connections
Sophie Notter standing with her back to the ocean
Sophie coordinated human rights campaigns for the disenfranchised at the US/Mexico border, Guantanamo Bay, and children separated from parents

Internships give students the opportunity to experiment with different career paths, apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations, and gain hands-on experience in a professional environment. Often, internships help students secure a job after college. The Political Science and International Relations Department puts great emphasis on assisting students with internships.

Click below to learn more about how to apply and take advantage of the many exciting internship opportunities available to political science and international relations students:

    • Check your email. The Political Science and International Relations Department sends a weekly email to majors and minors that includes internship listings.
    • Ask your advisor. Your faculty advisor can help you seek out an internship that is in line with your interests and goals.
    • Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach via Handshake to discuss your career interests and explore internship opportunities
    • Take POLS 3800: Political Internships. Offered each semester, our internship seminar course includes participation in a governmental, nonprofit, or corporate internship as well as in-class discussion.
    • Breanne Schneider ’19 interned at Sony Pictures in the Global Threats department
    • Valentina Baccianella ’19 interned in London at the UK-ASEAN Council
    • Jun You ’19 spent the summer interning at Japan American Society of Southern California
    • Kamryn Quackenbush ’19 traveled to Uganda to intern for Ekisa Ministries
    • Rachel Knight ’19 interned at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles
    • Alia A. Al-Sheikh ’19 spent the summer in New York City interning for the Consulate of Saudi Arabia
    • Sophia Notter ’21 spent the summer in Washington, DC interning at Amnesty International