The Master of Arts in Yoga Studies at Loyola Marymount University provides the study of the Yoga tradition from multiple perspectives.  The graduate program is designed to help students explore the Yoga tradition through various critical methodologies. The program meets the needs of Yoga students and teachers who are seeking to enhance their knowledge of the Yoga tradition in both theory and practice.

The M.A. in Yoga Studies curriculum includes courses on the history and philosophy of Yoga, its primary classical textual resources and language, its health benefits, and its relation to religion and spirituality.  Students learn various forms of Yoga practice, both ancient and modern, its place within world spirituality, and the techniques utilized for the teaching of Yoga. 

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Rolling Admission

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A Bachelor’s degree is required. Each applicant to the M.A. in Yoga Studies program is required to submit official transcripts from their undergraduate degree program, a two-page letter of intent, and two letters of recommendation.  There is no GRE requirement.  Each student will study the Sanskrit language.