Yoga Day

LMU Yoga Day

(Next Event: Fall 2020)

A Free Event for Every Body

Sponsored by LMU Graduate Yoga Studies Master's Program

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Students practicing yoga asana outside.

Yoga Day is LMU's annual celebration of the Yoga tradition, experience, and its many expressions—past, present, and future. The event is completely free and open to the public for brand new practitioners and experienced ones alike. Come explore asana practice, meditation sessions, the musical traditions of Yoga, participate in philosophical discussions, and more. Yoga Day draws upon Los Angeles' rich Yoga community and features world-renowned guest teachers from studios, practice centers, and spiritual communities across Southern California as well as LMU's own Graduate Yoga Studies family.

LMU Yoga Day 2019 was held October 26 and featured Accessible Yoga's Jivana Heyman, a variety of classes held all day long, and a special closing kirtan concert with Govind Das and Radha.

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      Yoga Day 2019 Photos  
  • *Schedule subject to change.

    9 - 10 a.m.

    University Hall (UH East Atrium)

    10 - 11:45 a.m.

    Course, Panel Discussion & Book Release
    with Jivana Heyman


    Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa-Baker

    (Roski, UH West Atrium)







    12 - 1:15 p.m.

    The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

    Susan & Jake Chapman

    (UH 3324)

    Koshas & Yoga Nidra

    Kathy Bingham

    (UH 1857)

    Ashtanga Vinyasa

    Pranidhi Varshney

    (Macintosh, UH 3999)

    Kundalini Kriya

    Dawn Greer, Paula Miley & Greg Thiry

    (Bioethics Outdoor Garden)

    Pranayama for Healing

    Surendra Mehta

    (UH History Village)

    1:15 - 2:15 p.m.

    LUNCH: Food truck, Live Music & Entertainment (UH East Atrium)

    FILM SCREENING: Ayurveda Unveiled and Q&A with filmmaker Gita Desai (Macintosh, UH 3999)

    2:30 - 3:45 p.m.

    State of Our Union, an Eastern Approach

    Dava Schatz & Menelik Tafari

    (Bioethics Conference Room)


    Jasmine Lieb

    (Macintosh, UH 3999)

    Subtle Body

    Daria Grigoreva & Lizbeth Vázquez

    (UH History Village)

    Every Body Yoga

    De Jur Jones

    (UH 1857)

    Buddhism and Yoga Writing Workshop

    Noel Alumit

    (UH 3324)

    4 - 5:15 p.m.

    Vairagya - Non-attachment

    Brent Laffoon

     (UH 3324)

    Philosophical Foundations of Yoga Tradition

    Dr. Shive Chaturvedi

    (UH 1222)

    Mantra & Celestial Communication

    Adarsh Kaur

    (UH History Village)

    Embodiment from the Inside Out

    Sarit Rogers

    (UH 1857)

    Brain on Kundalini

    Kara Looney

    (Bioethics Outdoor Garden)

    Dorian's Live
    Neosoul and Yoga
    with Christina of THICK GIRL YOGA LA

    (Macintosh, UH 3999)

    5:20 - 6 p.m.


    Master of Arts in Yoga Studies info session
    Meet Yoga Day teachers
    Food trucks
    Live music
    Raffle for prizes!

    (UH East Atrium)

    6 - 7:30 p.m.


    Govind das & Radha of Bhakti Yoga Shala
    **Doors open at 6:00pm**

    (Located in Roski)

  • Noel Alumit Headshot 

    Write Effort: Creative Writing through a Buddhist lens with Noel Alumit

    Noel Alumit explores the creative writing process through dharmic practice, including meditation and the adoption of Buddhist precepts. Noel Alumit received his BFA in Drama at USC and his Master of Divinity in Buddhist chaplaincy at UWEST. He wrote the novels Letters to Montgomery Clift and Talking to the Moon, a Los Angeles Times Bestseller. His work has also been in the LA Review of Books, LA Weekly and McSweeney’s. He’s taught creative writing for UCLA Extension’s Writers Program since 2005.

    Kathy Bingham Headshot

    The Koshas and Yoga Nidra with Kathy Bingham

    In this class we will briefly discuss the Koshas or Sheaths (Pancha Kosha) taught in Yoga Philosophy and then dive deeply into the layers of ourselves with a Yoga Nidra Practice in the Amrit tradition. This sleep-based meditation allows us to heal and deeply plant intentions. Come prepared to lay down and relax deeply for a long session. A mat and 2 blankets are recommended. (Some props and blankets will be available for classroom use.)

    Susan and Jake Chapman photo

    The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga with Susan & Jake Chapman

    Govind Das & Radha standing together in nature. 

    Kirtan Concert with Govind Das & Radha

    Come on a Kirtan journey and celebrate the beauty and presence of Love with Govind Das and Radha! Kirtan is the chanting of the Divine Names from the Bhakti Yoga tradition. The moods of kirtan vary from gentle, soft and sublime to singing and dancing with intense devotion… all in the spirit of praising the divine.

    Ayurveda Unveiled Film Poster

    Ayurveda Unveiled with Gita Desai

    Ayurveda Unveiled is a unique look at the most ancient system of health care in the world, a sister science of yoga. At once an inspirational journey and a definitive resource, Ayurveda Unveiled weaves together the history & essence of Ayurveda with a detailed examination of the underlying philosophy and its unparalleled ability to harmonize our inner and outer world.

    The culmination of director Gita Desai’s four-year devotion to capturing this sublime science, Ayurveda Unveiled transports the viewer through India, Europe and America. Weaving together the sights and sounds from all facets of Indian life, with the breadth and depth of expert guides in exclusive conversation, Gita has created a definitive resource of Ayurveda for the modern mind.   


    Dorian Headshot Yoga Day 2019

    Christina THICK GIRL YOGA LA Photo

    Dorian's Live Neosoul & Yoga with Christina of Thick Girl Yoga LA

    Live music and Yoga go hand in hand, especially when that live music has conscious uplifting lyrics that people can groove, flow and heal to (think India Arie and Stevie Wonder). Combine live neosoul for your soul music with an inclusive body positive message from the creator of Thick Girl Yoga LA and an environment for healing, expansion, free expression and fun is created and comes to vibrant life though every moving body present. LMU Yoga Day is the perfect event for conscious neosoul artist Dorian and body positive yoga teacher Christina to share this inclusive inspiring yoga flow experience!


    Dawn Geer Photo
    Greg Thiry headshot.

    Kundalini Kriya with Dawn Geer, Paula Miley, Greg Thiry

    Our curriculum addresses major components associated with diminishing fear, the root cause of anger, and increasing a belief in the inherent greatness of our youth within underserved communities. A brief intention setting, kriya, pranayama and meditation are all included in our intended session.

    Lizbeth Vazquez Headshot
    Daria Grigoreva Headshot

    The Truth of the Heart: An Inspired Yoga Practice with Daria Grigoreva & Lizbeth Vázquez

    Deepen your connection with the heart through a Haṭha-inspired yogāsana flow culminating in a restorative practice with Reiki healing, followed by a Yoga Nidra meditation.

    The practice will focus on the heart chakra, Anāhata, the energetic center of Love, Compassion and Joy. You will experience a greater sense of connection and openness.

    The practice is intended to heal and open your heart, inspiring you to live and communicate with Love and Compassion. All levels and experiences are welcome!

    Jivana Heyman Headshot 

    Accessible Yoga Discussion, Practice & Book Launch Signing with Jivana Heyman featuring Sarit Rogers and De Jur Jones

    Join author, Jivana Heyman, in celebrating the launch of his new book, Accessible Yoga: Poses and Practices for Every Body, (Shamabhala Publications). Jivana will offer an Accessible Yoga class, and we'll have a Q&A panel discussion with the book's photographer, LA yoga teacher, Sarit Rogers, and the books main model, LA yoga teacher, De Jur Jones, followed by a book-signing.

    Jivana Heyman, founder of Accessible Yoga, views yoga as a basic human right - saying we all deserve to practice it in whatever state we find our body or mind. Accessible Yoga offers a simple, clear, and wonderfully adaptable practice for all people regardless of ability, health, and body type.

    About Jivana's book:
    “This daring, visionary book revolutionizes yoga practice--and makes it truly accessible to everyone, in every body, at any age, and in any state of health. Yoga practice has so much to offer us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. But many of us feel discouraged to practice because we see young, slim, flexible, well, and able-bodied people dominating yoga spaces. Yet, yoga is truly a practice for all--conferring enormous benefits to our overall well-being as our bodies change, age, and navigate various health challenges. Jivana Heyman, founder of Accessible Yoga, views yoga as a basic human right--saying we all deserve to practice it in whatever state we find our body or mind. Accessible Yoga offers a simple, clear, and wonderfully adaptable practice for all people regardless of ability, health, and body type. Heyman has spent over twenty years sharing yoga with people of all abilities and backgrounds, and in this book, he shares his knowledge by breaking down complex yoga poses, breathing practices, meditation techniques, and yoga teachings into clearly understandable and practical tools we can use every day, regardless of our limitations or challenges."

    “In our shared humanity and suffering, we can join hands and support each other to dive deep inside where all yoga teachings take us—to a place where we are all perfect and free.” – Jivana Heyman

    De Jur Jones Yoga Photo 

    Every Body Yoga! with De Jur Jones

    Beginner friendly yoga style offers tools to reduce stress and anxiety, create flexibility, breathe and s-t-r-e-t-c-h! Her class is perfect for yoga curious first timers, all ages and levels of experience. She strives to create an accessible learning environment to ensure that yoga is possible for everyone and every body type.

    Adarsh Khalsa Headshot 

    Connect with Your Soul through Celestial Communication with Adarsh Kaur

    In this class, you will experience mantra, uplifting songs, and the Celestial Communication technique, a moving meditation of the upper body. Through these practices, you will remove blocks to living your divine purpose with creativity, magnetism and prosperity so that you can serve the world with joy.

    Om Symbol 

    Vairagya 2.0 with Brent Laffon

    As the world evolves, so too must our understanding of yogic concepts, as well as our ability to put them into effective practice. This perspective-shifting discussion will not only deepen your understanding of the concept of non-attachment, it will also offer ways of putting that understanding into simple, effective practice.


    Liv-INg-yoga with Jasmine Lieb

    The practice of yoga is a living, breathing, organic, creative, ecologically-sound, progressive, adaptable, economical and sustainable lifestyle. Universal health and wellbeing is synonymous with the practice of yoga. The nature of this eight-limbed practice is holistic, addresses all circumstances and rehabilitates all challenges: Physical, energetic, emotional and mental creating YOGA (balance) for each individual, each creature and plant, therefore the whole Uni-Verse (one song). This yoga practice will highlight: the elements; the chakras, nadis and vayus(energetic systems); and breath(pranayama); with the physical patterns of nature. This practice is recommended for all students, student-teachers, teachers and health-care practitioners who are interested in the ecological and economical nature of a yoga practice.

    Kara Looney Kundalini Yoga 

    This is Your Brain on Kundalini Yoga with Kara Looney

    In this class we will explore and experience foundational elements of Kundalini Yoga that aide in the elimination of subconscious “Stock Piles”. These accumulations in the subconscious, contribute to anxiety, depression, frustration and ultimately detract from our quality of life. We will also explore highly researched meditation techniques that improve cognitive functioning and serve as preventative and proactive healing tools for the brain.

    Surendra Mehta Headshot

    Pranayama-Yogic Breathing Practices and Their Healing Aspects with Surendra Mehta

    This session will cover the origin of Pranayama (breathing techniques) from ancient scriptures such as Vedas, Upanishads and Ayurvedic (ancient Indian medical system) books. Participants will get a chance to learn and practice couple of very useful techniques for promoting healing,health and wellness. All yoga practices, specially the pranayama practices, have profound healing effects on the human body as per the Indian Sages and Rishis. These very same practices are now being understood and researched by modern medical researchers. How these powerful techniques help to heal the body at different levels will also be addressed. Time permitting, some of the important research findings will also be discussed.

    Surendra Mehta MBA, C-IAYT, EYRT-200, YACEP, is certified yoga therapist, and graduate of LMU's YTRx and Teachers Training program. Surendra had a good fortune to study with some of the most renowned  teachers in India  to learn and practice Pranayama. He has also studied Prime of life yoga with internationally known yoga teacher Dr. Larry Payne, PhD  He conducts Pranayama and Yog Nidra Workshops for small groups, corporations and conventions. He teaches at Yoga Therapy and Teacher training programs at LMU. 

    Sarit Rogers doing a Yoga Pose

    Embodiment from the Inside Out with Sarit Rogers

    An embodied, trauma-informed, Accessible Hatha/vinyasa class, which invites self inquiry and interoceptive awareness.

    Menelik Tafari Headshot 

    State of Our Union, an Eastern Approach: Perspectives & Social Justice Initiatives with Dava Schatz & Menelik Tafari

    The State of our Union: How can Eastern Philosophical perspective be used to address and/or improve our most pressing present societal ailments, Prejudice and Racism? What can Vedic/Yogic, Taoist, Buddhist (Theravada/Chan), and Jainist perspective contribute? What do these perspectives offer on the subject matter of Racism and Prejudice that Western Schools of Thought may have missed/overlooked? What is the Yogi's relationship to the Activist and/or Warrior for Social Justice?

    Pranidhi Varshney Headshot 

    Ashtanga Vinyasa with Pranidhi Varshney

    Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is a practice that cultivates an embodied experience of presence by synchronizing breath, posture, and gaze. Join us as we explore these three key elements via portions of the primary and second series. By practicing in this way, we allow our conscious mind to quieten so that we may drop into a subtler felt reality that informs our relationship with ourselves and each other.

  • Yoga Day Kirtan artists Govin das Radha

    Govind Das and Radha are California-based bhakti yogis, kirtan singers, and as their spiritual names suggest, "Servants of the Divine". They are a husband and wife team with great love and devotion for the Divine, their Guru, each other, and traditional yogic practices of India - This is the essence which is reflected and transmitted through their teachings and music.

    Through the sacred practice of Kirtan, repetitiously chanting the names of God/Goddess from ancient India, they will guide you on a musical meditation and yogic adventure deep into the essence of Bhakti---the yoga of the Heart, the yoga of Love...

    Through the grace of their teachers, they have uniquely melded ancient Indian mantras with western melodies, yet still playing traditional Indian instruments. Their music has been described as a trance inducing mandala, where the eyes close, voices and hearts open, and meditation, art, and prayer merge together as One. They lead Kirtan concerts, Bhakti yoga workshops, and transformative retreats throughout the world.