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The Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts prepares students for successful lives of meaning and purpose through study of the humanities and social sciences.
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8-bit video game knight
EVENT: The Media and the Medieval
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman Brings ‘Story of God’ to LMU
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Students and Alumni Network at Career Chats
BF Labyrinth
How to Enjoy LMU’s Newest Landmark
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Matthre Parsons
Matthew Parsons '18
The road to LMU from London
Elizabeth Lopez '19
A future teacher ready to give back
Greer Gosnell
Greer Gosnell '11
Environmental economist makes change in aviation industry
Kendra Dawson ’19
An aspiring lawyer on making a change
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Career Pathways in the Liberal Arts
"When you first go to college, you think you've already been formed as a person. I don’t think that’s the case. You need to be open to change. Do the thing you fear the most, and believe in yourself when you do it."
- Alexia Barbaro '16, philosophy and political science major