Beyond the Classroom

In the same way that religious beliefs and practices and theological reflection do not occur in a vacuum, the Theological Studies Department seeks to promote a vibrant intellectual community and to provide engaged learning experiences outside the classroom. Theological Studies faculty members regularly invite distinguished speakers to give talks, including the annual Mary Milligan R.S.H.M. lecture. Other events include panel presentations each semester involving LMU faculty members from Theological Studies and other departments; these well-attended panels have addressed challenging theological/religious themes or questions.

THST core courses frequently have flags, including Engaged Learning flags that invite students to partner with organizations and to accompany local communities in addressing issues related to the course content and assignments. Rooted in Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit pedagogy, these experiences of solidarity cultivate contemplation through active engagement. THST majors are required either to take an additional Engaged Learning flag (through a THST course) or to demonstrate intermediate competency in a foreign language.

The goal of these activities beyond the classroom is to illuminate theology as a holistic discipline that invites rigorous theoretical arguments as well as attention to the practices of everyday life.