A majority of PARC@LMU's work has focused on organizations involved in direct service and social justice issues, coalition/alliance building, popular education, and local/state policy advocacy. 

As such, PARC@LMU has expertise and experience in the field of organizational capacity building, organizational change and staff development, community organizing, leadership development, working in ethnically and geographically diverse community contexts, and public policy change.

PARC@LMU has successfully conducted assessments of knowledge, skill and behavior change resulting from prevention and early intervention programs.  The Center has also done extensive evaluations of leader development in projects that include policy change objectives and comparisons across contexts, using both formative evaluation to inform project implementation, and outcome (or impact) evaluation to determine effectiveness and goal attainment. 

We have conducted evaluations focused on at-risk and high-risk youth, education and juvenile justice issues, adult ex offender re-entry, youth and adult ATOD prevention, organizational capacity building, community organizing, network analysis, public health (e.g., childhood obesity prevention, youth wellness etc.), environmental and policy change. We have also designed customized measurement strategies and tools.