Cheryl Grills with whiteboard

The Psychology Applied Research Center (PARC) team has extensive experience in program evaluation and action research. It employs mixed methodologies; is local, statewide and national in scope; attends to race, culture, social class and their relevance to social issues and program evaluation; and uses a multidisciplinary lens to accomplish its goals. PARC evaluation and technical assistance extends to over 35 communities across the country and touches on a host of social justice and community issues such as

  • health
  • mental health
  • education
  • child welfare and juvenile justice
  • alcohol and drug prevention and treatment
  • youth development
  • systems, environmental, and public policy change
  • organizational capacity
  • community organizing
  • social networks among communities and organizations
  • homelessness
  • community based leadership
  • civic engagement
  • reentry

PARC@LMU is modeled after Imoyase Community Support Services (ICSS), the program evaluation research organization founded by Dr. Cheryl Grills. Under her leadership, PARC conducts community-based participatory evaluation and action research. PARC’s multidisciplinary team is respected for their work throughout the United States with established and respected bonds with a host of community-based organizations, foundations, and educational institutions. The center commits itself to conducting research that is participatory, culturally relevant, collaborative, and flexible, which results in social change and products of lasting value to all stakeholders.