Psychological Science

The Department of Psychological Science provides a high-quality curriculum emphasizing excellence in teaching and learning. Students majoring in psychology examine, in depth, various aspects of human and animal behavior, along with the biological, psychological, and sociocultural aspects of behavior. Students are provided with the opportunity to think critically, analyze and evaluate their findings, as well as apply these perspectives to a variety of individual, family, and community contexts with particular attention paid to intersectionality. As students progress through the curriculum, they have opportunities to assist faculty with research and engage in their own research with faculty supervision. The program prepares students for graduate study in psychology and related fields or careers in other professions.

Psychology Faculty and Students Do Summer Research
Through LMU’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program, students had the opportunity to partake in world-class research exploring diverse topics.
A pool of students from lower division psychology courses who participate as human subjects in social science research as part of their educational experience.
Cheyenne Weinstein presenting research
Develop your own research with expert faculty mentors
Cheryl Grills teaching
Through a multi-year state contract, the Psychology Applied Research Center will evaluate programs that reduce disparities in access to quality mental health services.
X-ray of shoulder
A new grant-funded project will investigate a possible link between decreased bone health and heavy, intermittent alcohol use in college-age adults.