Andrew Subica Psychology Applied Resarch Center

UCR Center for Healthy Communities
900 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92521
P: 951.827.7279

Andrew Subica, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate 

Dr. Subica is a health services researcher and assistant professor of social medicine & population health at UC Riverside’s School of Medicine.  He is a former post doctoral research scholar at LMU-PARC. His current research addresses the intersection of health and mental health disparities among vulnerable populations including persons of color, individuals with psychiatric disabilities, survivors of trauma, individuals experiencing homelessness, and refugees.  Other areas of specialty/interest include improving evidence-based treatments, services, and public policies for underserved individuals using community-based participatory action research, deliberative, and mixed methodologies, as well as multiracial identity, acculturation, and well-being, clinical assessment, and spirituality for culturally responsive stress coping and wellness.