Scholarships and Awards


There are many sources and types of assistance available to help finance your undergraduate education. This page offers guidance with respect to two primary sources of financial assistance – Departmental Awards and University Scholarships – both accessible through a single application process.

  • LMU Department of Psychological Science offers three awards to recognize exceptional students: (1) Dr. Rose Patricia Walsh Research Award, awarded to recognize an outstanding student researcher, (2) Psychology Scholar of the Year Award awarded to the student with the highest GPA, and (3) Psychological Science Ignatian Award awarded the student who demonstrated excellent scholarship in the field of Psychology, as well as made notable contributions to the overall success of Psychological Science throughout the year. 

    For questions about these Departmental Awards, contact the Psychology Department at 310.338.2982 or email

  • In addition to the Departmental Awards offered by the Department of Psychology, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts also offers the following scholarship opportunities for eligible students who apply using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) system:

    BCLA Scholarships page


    Prospective students are strongly encouraged to visit the LMU's Financial Aid Named Scholarship Website for information about federal student loans and additional scholarship and grant opportunities not represented here.

    For questions about any of these University Scholarships, contact the Financial Aid Office by phone (310) 338-2753 or email

  • For information on what scholarships are currently available or how to apply please visit the LMU Undergraduate Scholarships website.