Political Science majors are required to take one social science course from outside the major. The course may be a lower or upper level course in Economics, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Urban Studies, or any course that satisfies the Understanding Human Behavior requirement of the University Core.

Lower Division Requirements: 4 courses (16 semester hours)

Students must take two of the following three courses:

  • POLS 1200, POLS 1400, and POLS 1600.
  • Students must take POLS 2000 and POLS 2100.
  • An average grade of C (2.0) must be obtained in these courses.

Upper Division Requirements: 6 courses (24 semester hours)

  • Students take at least one 5000-level seminar.
  • An average grade of C (2.0) must be obtained in courses included in the major.

Additional Requirements

Students must take at least four 4-semester-hour courses to complete the major.

Honors in Political Science

Students who attain a GPA of 3.60 or higher, both overall and in the major, are automatically eligible to enroll in the POLS 5800 Honors Seminar in the Fall of their senior year and write an POLS 5810 Honors Thesis in the Spring of their senior year. Other students may be invited to pursue Honors by the faculty. The Honors Seminar is a prerequisite for the Honors Thesis. Students who attain a grade of A- or higher for the Honors Thesis will graduate with Honors in Political Science. Both the Honors Seminar and Honors Thesis count toward the 24 semester hours of upper division course work required of majors.

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