• 2022-2023 Economic Seminar Series


    September 7 David Gill Purdue University Beliefs, learning, and personality in the indefinitely repeated prisoner's dilemma. UNH 4304
    September 14 Greg Leo Vanderbilt University Minimal Experiments  UNH 4304
    September 26 Karl Schlag University of Vienna Fair Sequential Search  UNH 4304
    October 5 Kareem Haggag UCLA The Effects of Racial Segregation on Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence from Historical Railroad Placement UNH 4304
    November 7 Menusch Khadjavi Pour Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    Do Scientists Tell the Truth? Evidence from Two Experiments

    UNH 4511
    November 9 Johanna Mollerstrom George Mason University Lucky to Work  UNH 4304
    November 16 Timothy Cason Purdue University Threshold Implementation with Refund Bonuses in Decentralized Financial Markets  UNH 4304
    December 7 Emiliano Huet-Vaughn Pomona College The Shape of Moral Values  UNH 4304
    January 18 Austin Davis American University

    The Causes and Consequences of Ethnic Violence in Myanmar

    UNH 4304
    February 1 Ketki Sheth  University of Tennessee Discrimination and Access to Capital: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia  UNH 4110
    February 8 Zachary Grossman UC Merced  Image-concern and signaling behavior:  the bad, the good, and the practical. UNH 4110
    February 15 Olga Stoddard BYU Who you gonna call?: Gender inequality in demand for parental involvement  UNH 4110
    March 8 Axel Ockenfels University of Cologne Behavioral Market Design UNH 4110
    March 15 Peter Vanderschraaf University of Arizona "Anything Goes" in the Ultimatum Game?  UNH 4110
    March 22 Emily Nix USC Violence Against Women  UNH 4110
    April 13 Karen Kopecky Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta The Downward Spiral  UNH 4110
    April 17  Simon Halliday  University of Bristol What Do We Think An Economist Should Know? A Machine Learning Investigation of Research and Intermediate-Level Textbooks  UNH 4110

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  • Please visit the LMU Events Calendar for upcoming Economics Events.