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  • 2019-2020 Economic Seminar Series






    September 3

    Joaquín Gómez-Miñambres

    Lafayette College Labor Contracts, Gift Exchange and Reference Wages: Your Gift Need Not Be Mine!   UNH 4304

    October 8

    Basit Zafar


    Arizona State University Gender Differences in Job Search Behavior and the Gender Earnings Gap: Evidence from Business Majors  UNH 4304

    October 15

    Malte Dold

    Pomona College   UNH 4304

    October 17

    Teresa Molina

    University of Hawaii at Manoa The Labor Market Effects of Eliminating University Tuition in Ecuador UNH 4304

    November 5

    Dhaval Dave Bentley University & National Bureau of Economic Research Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, Opioid Abuse and Crime  UNH 4304

    November 12

    Yogi Hale Hendlin Erasmus University Rotterdam  The Promises and Perils of Carbon Taxes UNH 4304

    December 3

    Sarojini Hirshleifer University of California, Riverside   UNH 4304

    January 21

    Johanna Mollerstrom George Mason University Cappelen Mollerstrom Reme Tungodden 2019 UNH 4110

    February 4

    Matthew Wilson Binghamton University   UNH 4110

    February 11

    Eoin McGuirk Tufts University   UNH 4110

    February 20

    Ebehi Iyoha Vanderbilt University   UNH 4110

    March 3

    Jeffrey Flory Claremont McKenna   UNH 4110

    March 17

    Tim Cason Purdue Krannert School of Management   UNH 4110

    March 26

    Michael Poyker Columbia University   UNH 4110

    April 7

    Jasmina Spasojevic Office of School Health, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene   UNH 4110

     For a listing of seminars from previous years, please see the Economics Seminar Series Archive