Experimental Economics Laboratory

Experimental Economics Lab

The LMU Experimental Economics Lab (or Econlab) is a central facility in the Economics Department, where we conduct experiments, subject pool sessions, and surveys to study economic decision making and to provide a hands-on and interactive teaching experience for our students.

  • Experimental Economics has developed into one of the most productive and empirically relevant research fields in Economics since the mid-1990s. Experimental methods can be applied to empirically analyze and validate theories in all fields of economics and beyond. Research by faculty members in the department has focused in particular, but not exclusively, on ethical, rationality, and competition aspects. The experimental method also lends itself to interdisciplinary work between economists and, among others, political scientists, psychologists, sociologists, biologists, and mathematicians.

Questions? Please contact:

e-mail: econlab@lmu.edu
phone: 310.338.2333