Economics Major BS

Economics majors are required to take one social science course from outside the major. The course may be a lower or upper level course in Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Urban Studies, or any course that satisfies the Understanding Human Behavior requirement of the University Core.

Lower Division Requirements (8-12 semester hours)

  • ECON 1050 Introductory Economics 4 semester hours or 
  • ECON 1100 Introductory Microeconomics 4 semester hours and 
  • ECON 1200 Introductory Macroeconomics 4 semester hours
  • ECON 2300 Introductory Statistics 4 semester hours or 
  • ECON 2350 Accelerated Introductory Statistics 4 semester hours 

Note: A grade of at least B- (2.7) is required in each of these courses.

Mathematics requirements (0-7 semester hours):

  • MATH 112 Mathematical Analysis for Business II 3 semester hours or 
  • MATH 131 Calculus I 4 semester hours 

Note: A grade of at least B- (2.7) is required in MATH 112, and a grade of at least C (2.0) is required in MATH 131. 
Note: Students are strongly encouraged to take additional mathematics courses beyond these basic requirements in consultation with their economics advisor.

Upper Division Requirements (24 semester hours)

The average grade in upper division economics courses must be at least C (2.0).  The average grade in upper division economics courses must be at least C (2.0). Five courses are required: ECON 3100ECON 3200ECON 3300ECON 5300 and ECON 5320. A grade of at least C- (1.7) must be obtained in these five courses. ECON 3100ECON 3200, and ECON 3300 should be taken by the junior year.  Three additional upper division economics courses are required, of which at least two (8 semester hours) must be at the 4000 level.  A grade of at least D (1.0) must be obtained in any other additional upper division economics courses. Upper division economics courses must be taken in the LMU Economics Department, except by prior permission of the Chairperson. BCLA students are allowed to take two upper division courses beyond the major requirements, so students pursuing a B.S. degree in Economics can take up to 40 semester hours of upper division ECON courses (10 courses total from the 3000-, 4000-, or 5000-level).