Theological Studies

Grounded in the Roman Catholic tradition, the Department of Theological Studies invites students to analyze questions of faith, the divine, and ultimate meaning in the context of religious thought and practice. Through intellectually rigorous exploration of the full range of possibilities and ambiguities of faith, students of Theological Studies come to appreciate both the intrinsic value of religious inquiry and the role of religion in building a more just world. The Department offers several degree programs: an undergraduate major in Theology, two undergraduate minors (Theology and Lay Ministry), and two master of arts degrees (Theology and Pastoral Theology). The lay ministry and pastoral theology programs include an additional ministry and counseling emphasis in addition to foundational courses in theology.

The Department also offers a wide variety of courses as part of Loyola Marymount University's Core Curriculum. Each LMU student takes at least one 100-level theological studies course in the first two years and one 300-level course in the second two.

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