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We give thanks to the Author of all that is good, who allows us once again, in prayer and in dialogue,
to express the joy we feel as brothers and to renew our commitment to move towards full communion…
May our meeting be a sign and an encouragement for us to share the same sentiments and the
same attitudes of fraternity, cooperation and communion in charity and truth.


Common Declaration by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I      
and Pope Benedict XVI, November 2006 


The Huffington Ecumenical Institute at Loyola Marymount University follows the pioneering work of Patriarchs and Popes during the last forty years in rapprochement between the Churches of Constantinople and Rome. The goals of the Institute are:

 - to promote the unity of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches

- to provide opportunities for fraternal encounters between these two faith communities

- to provide resources and forums for reflective and frank ecumenical discussion and dialogue at local, regional, national and international levels

- to foster ecclesial and academic interest and leadership in constructive ecumenism

- to build a leading collection of library resources in the areas of ecumenism and Orthodox theology


Current activities of the Huffington Ecumenical Institute include lectures and the annual Huffington Ecumenical Symposium, as well as strengthening our service to the Catholic and canonical Orthodox Churches of all jurisdictions throughout the region, enriching the holdings of the Loyola Marymount University library in the areas of ecumenism and Orthodox theology, and publishing the proceedings of the Huffington Symposia.



Upcoming Events



Christian Family Life and the Challenges of Faithfulness

March 12, 2016

Loyola Marymount University



For more information about activities, events, and plans for the Huffington Ecumenical Institute, please contact: Fr. Dn. Nicholas Denysenko (Director) at 310.568.6235 or, or Katherine Lash Brown (Coordinator) at 310.338.1917 or