Thesis Titles and Topics

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  • Eshed Keren "The Nature of Compassion in Yoga: Illuminated its Modern Role through an Examination of Historical Texts

    Gabaly Christine "Thoreau: Nature as Guru"

    MacDonald Michaela "Bio-individual Yoga Sequencing: Addressing Mental Health Imbalances (Anxiety, Depression) Through Energetic Balancing (Laṅghana, Bṛṃhaṇa) in Yoga Practice"

    Peña Mathilde "The Role of Powers in Pādas III and IV in The Yoga Sūtras: Realities and Implications"

    Romanowski Heather "Mindful Movement: Including Children with Special Needs"

    Spence Stephanie "Tapas and the Hero(ine)'s Journey: The Inner Fire of Transformation"

    Ventrone Carina "Yoga as Spiritual Psychology" 

    Yoshitake Sachie "A Holistic Approach to Fall Prevention for Older Adults: An Eight-Week Online Yoga Program"

  • Davidson Katie Diane “In Search of Divine Liberated Love: A Yoga Memoir”

    Gargiulo Xyloh “The solace of grey: yogic perspectives on healing through complex trauma"

    Goe Amanda Noelle "Rap and Yoga: Expanding the Reach of Wellness"

    Gold Francesca Michelle "The Influence of the Upaniṣhadic Pañcamayakośa Schematic within Modern Yoga Therapy"

    Hite Adrienne Hope "Sex Addiction: A Literary and Yogic Perspective"

    Kingsley John "A Bayesian Approach to Early Śramanic Origin Stories"

    Moran Andrea "Managing Migraine: Yoga Therapy as an Integrative Approach"

    Pena Mathilde "The Role of Powers in Padas 3 and 4 in the Yoga Sutras: Realities and Implications"

    Portoghese Theresia "Kundalini Experience, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, and Multidimensional Health"

    Selve Caitlyn Lauren "Visionary Metamorphosis in the Yogavāsiṣṭha: A Transpersonal Approach to the Existential Crisis"

    Stein Karyn "Eco-Yoga Therapy for Mental Health Related to the Covid-19 Pandemic"

    Vincent Ra "A Patañjalian Approach to Anxiety Disorders"

    Wherritt Laine "Creativity and the Spiritual Path"

  • Tedesco Serenity "The Art of Suffering: Liberation through Anger and Radical Honesty."

    Rubin Gavriella "Mental Health, Yoga, and the Role of Meaning Based Interventions."

    Rodriguez-Berardi Taina "Accesibility in Modern Yoga: An intersectional analysis and approach to social change."

    Hanson Aaron "The Sound of Yoga: A study of sound and divine vibration in Yogic practices."

    Bhai Giri "Ṣoḍaśī-pūjā: Ramakrishna’s Worship of Sarada Devi through a Feminist Lens."

  • Rusler Erin "(Yoga) Workers of the World Unite!: The Path to Solidarity for Yoga Teachers"

    Nishimura Mika "Beyond the Controversy: An Analysis of the Structure and Content of Bikram Yoga"

    Marzano Morgan "Bio-Political Activism in Modern Yogas: An Inter-sectional Feminist Genealogy of Yoga Counter Spaces"

    Ludwig Grace "A Man-Made Disaster: A Yogic Response to the Environmental Crisis and its Religious, Political, and Economic Origins"

    Jones Alexandra "The Art of Emptiness: Creation and Dissolution on the Buddhist Path"

    Carlisle Judith "Choosing a Better Death; Yoga as a Path to Create a Meaningful Life"

    Caplan Lauren Star "Optimizing College Yoga for Mental Health: Analysis and Recommendations"

    Battung Jason "Spirituality and Yoga in Education: A non-secular approach to kinesthetics and Comparative Religion"

    Arias Gutiérrez Nicolas "The Immanent Mind of Clear Light: Non-conceptuality and Skillful Means in early Atiyoga"

  • Lydia Lucciola “The Metronome Effect: A Theory of Vibration. Finding Harmonic Resonance through the Science of Yoga” 

    Susan Chapman “Yoga Therapy in a Western Culture: Healing vs. Curing”  

    Jensen Martin “The Hidden Gems of Narasimha: An Experiential Search for the Essential Myth of the Lion-Headed God”  

    Stephanie Serrano “Effects of a One-Credit Yoga Course on Undergraduate College Student’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing”  

    Daria Grigoreva “Anger, Fear, and Docility: Using Śakta Tantra as a Remedy for Political Disempowerment in the United States”  

    Carryn Mills “Becoming Mindful”  

    Ulhas Bala “In Search of Yogānta: The Inner Core of the Yogasūtra of Patañjali”  

    Madelaine Edmonds “Sound and Yoga: Breath and the Body as an Instrument”  

    Lizbeth Vazquez “Applied Yogic Darśana through the Foundations of Pātañjalayogaśāstra and Hathapradīpikā for Spanish Speakers”  

    Catherine Weiss “Dance as Yoga: Tracing the Threads of Sacred Dance from Bharata Natyam to 5Rhythms and Beyond”  

    Shaun-Meghan McNally “Reacquainting Death with Ahimsā: A Death Doula’s Guide to Universal Terminality”  

    Joseph K. Cadiff Against the Stream? Modern Buddhism and Global Power Systems 

  • Meagan Rinn “Understanding Contemplative Ecology As A Conduit for Mystical Experience” 

    Alex Godinez  “Inclusive Yoga: Reaching Out to Minorities in Low-income Communities”  

    Alba Rodriguez “Vipassana Meditation: An Exploration in Light of the Yoga Sūtras” 

    Bria Maltby “Yin Yoga: Beyond Asana” 

    Quique Macias “Sight: Divine Conveyance Through Iconic Indian Art” 

    XiaoQian Keren “Tat Tvam Asi Through Abidharma Buddhism and Sāṃkhya Philosophy” 

    Julia Kasza “A Universal Heartbeat of Being: The Inclusive Nature of Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras” 

    Jozi Tatham “Establishing  sana First: An American Perspective” 

    Abbie Britton Applied Yogic Science: Ancient Wisdom, Contemporary Recovery 

  • Ellie Grace “Embodying Grief: Hearts and Brains in the Healing Path of Yoga” 

    Gabriela Ayala-Canizares “Healing the Individual, Healing the Community: An Application of Non-Violent Philosophy with Mindfulness and Yoga Techniques for Male Refugees” 

    Alexandra Berger “Word and Silence, Consciousness and Embodiment in the Yoga Sutra and Beyond” 

    Kaitlyn Dilliplaine “Cultivating Witness: There Is A Quiet Place” 

    Danielle Tatik “How to be a Yoginista: A Modern Approach to Yoga Through Self-Empowerment”  

    Jack Kirkner “Allocentric Societal Yoga: Modern Interpretations and Applications of Traditional Yoga Philosophy” 

    Trang Huynh “Educating the Whole Being: Yoga & Mindfulness in Schools” 

    Mayuri Bhandari “Tasting Freedom: Engaging Rasa Theory (Aesthetics) as a Modern Performer” 

    Ashley McKeachie “The Development and Implementation of a Yoga Teacher Training Program at the Community College Level”  

    Megan Mack “Bestiary of Body: Animal Asana” 

    Zipei Tang “The Role of Sexuality in Yoga: Ancient and Modern Contexts”  

    Robert Zabel Somatic Cosmos: The Universe and The Human Body 

  • April Tucker “EkaLokaYoga: 200-Hour Multidisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training” 

    Whitney Cerullo “Let Yudhisthira’s Dog In! Business Plan for a Dog-friendly Yoga Studio” 

    Jennifer Guinter “Exploring the Yoga in AcroYoga: Mindful Connection, Mindful Community” 

    Jennifer Auerbach “Yoga to Thrive in College and Beyond” 

    Viviana Vallin “Yogis of Color: Exploring the Experience of People of Color Practicing in Los Angeles” 

    Eva Khattab “Modern Yoga ---- The Intersection of Science and Yoga Philosophy: An Investigation of Integral 

    Yoga, Serial Endosymbiosis Theory and Quorum-Sensing in Bacteria” 

    Michelle Regius “Discovering the Undeniable Parallels Between Jewish and Hindu Meditation” 

    Carly Gaffey “Moving Meditation: Exploring Intersections of Yoga, Dance, and Free-Form Movement” 

    La Toiya Morrison “A Diagraphical Depiction of Home” 

    Traca Gress “Mindful Nature” 

    Allison Leah Bergson “The Intersection of Yoga, Jainism and the Public School Classroom” 

    Kija Manhare “Awakening the Goddess” 

    Kari Ross-Berry “Liberation & the Senses Performance of Transformation: Pilgrimage, Puja, & Visual Culture in Indian Contemplative Traditions” 

    Johanna Bennett “Bhakti Yoga: Understanding Bhakti Through Rasa Sentiment” 

    Amy Osborne “A Year in Yoga: Trauma-Informed Mindfulness” 

    Andre Haralyi “Lifestyle Diseases from a Yoga Therapy Perspective” 

    Samantha Calvano “Mainstreaming Yoga: Approaches to Accessible and Ethical Transmissions of Yoga Knowledge” 

    Kelsey Garden Yo Garden: A Play in Two Acts --- Integrating Samkhya & Yoga Philsophy into the Ecologically Aware Theater 

  • Ana Maria Dorrance “Meditation in Yoga Traditions”

    Hannah Dawe “Learning to Be: Yoga Philosophy and Practice to Sustainably Soothe Stress in Undergraduate College Students in the United States”

    Katherine Dean “Heart-to-Heart: Healing in the History of Yoga Traditions and Modern Therapeutic Yoga” 

    Bonnie Knight “200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program: Individual Self-Assessment” 

    Danielle Fowler “Yoga Nidrā: A Descriptive Analysis & Teacher Training Manual”

    Dava Schatz "Docendo Yoga Discimus"

    Erika Burkhalter "Interconnected: From Sage Vasista’s Lady in the Stone to the Microbiome: Yogic Keys for Happiness”

    Fancy Fechser "Caste a Wave: Surfing and Yoga in India” 

    Joel Jacobs "HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE: A Survey of the State of Yoga in K-12 Schools in The United States Today"

    Paula Carocci “Self-Regulatory Techniques in Managing Psychiatric Disorders”  

    Pawan Johar "THE BUSINESS OF YOGA: The Dissemination and Transmission of Yoga as a Spiritual Practice in Western Lineages"

    Radka Holisova  “Integration of Yogic Philosophy into Modern Yoga”

    Sara Ivanhoe "Yoga Nation: Harnessing the Sacred, Salubrious, and the Saleable"

    Sarah Mata “Yoga and The True Self: An Exploration of History, Context, Application” 

    Tracy Sachs “Not One, Not Two: A Case for Qualified Non-Dualism within the Discourse of Yoga and Ecology” 

    Angela Saucedo "Can Yoga and Meditation Help Mitigate the Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and Secondary Trauma in Child Welfare Workers?"

    Jai Levin "Knowing the Unknowable: Lower and Higher Knowledge in Yogic and Cognitive Psychology"

    Jeri Jorgenson "Jiva Yoga Teacher Training Program"