The Sāṃkhya System: Accounting for the Real

The Sāṃkhya System: Accounting for the Real
March 22 - 23, 2018
Loyola Marymount University

  • What is the Ground of Manifest Procreativity (Vyakta-prakti)? An Existential Phenomenological Theory of Life as the Self-Manifesting of Samyoga (Compresence)

    Geoff Ashton, Ph.D.

    A Feminist Phenomenological Approach to the Notion of Body in Classical Sākhya

    Ana Funes, Ph.D.

    Revisiting Sākhya Kārikās 25-31: The Determinative Nature of the Guas

    Christopher Chapple, Ph.D.

    The Ontology of dukkha: Recovering Samkhya through Vyasa’s Commentary on Yoga Sutras II. 15-II.25

    Urmila Patil, Ph.D.

    Substance, Essence and Soteriological Practice in Sākhya Philosophy

    Mikel Burley, Ph.D.


    The Unity of the Puruārthas in the Sākhya Kārikā

    Al Collins, Ph.D.

    Kāpil Mah: A Contemporary Living Tradition of Sākhyayoga

    Marzenna Jakubczak, Ph.D.

    Prakṛti in Practice: The Cases of Yoga Anand Ashram and Polestar Gardens

    Christopher Miller, Ph.D. Candidate