April 10th (Political Science Village)

12:15pm  Pizza and Politics: Paper presentations by undergraduates:

"Domestic Drone Surveillance and the American Definition of Privacy," Chris Eaton, LMU, and "The Benefits of Employing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Low- Intensity and Irregular Conflicts," Evan Shorter, Pepperdine.

               Moderated by Rubyann Park, LMU undergraduate


April 13th (Hilton 100)

7:30pm “Unmanned: America’s Drone War” Documentary, followed by Q&A with director Robert Greenwald


April 14th (Hannon Library, Van der Ahe Suite)


9:30am Opening Remarks (BCLA Dean O’Sullivan and Kerstin Fisk)


9:45am Legal Issues, moderated by President David Burcham, LMU


“How I Learned to Love the Drone”

 John Radsan, William Mitchell College of Law


“The Drone - It's in the Way That You Use It”

David Glazier, Loyola Law School


11am Philosophical and Ethical Issues, moderated by Michelle Larson, LMU


“The Just Use of Limited Preventive Force: Drones, Last Resort and Restricting Escalation”

Daniel Brunstetter and John Emery, UC Irvine


“Drones and Dirty Hands”

Benjamin Jones, Yale, and John M. Parrish, LMU


“Just Peace as Preventive Non-Intervention”

Deen Chatterjee, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah


12:30pm Interview with Jerrold Green, USC Annenberg and President/CEO of Pacific Council on International Policy (Invited Guests Only)


2pm Defense Issues, moderated by Tom Plate, LMU


“Preventive Force: Costs and Benefits”

Jennifer Taw, Clarement McKenna


“Eve of Destruction: A Retrospective on the “Coming Age of Preventive War”

Thomas Nichols, US Naval War College


“Preventive Force and Preventive War”

Ted Harshberger, RAND


April 15th(Ahmanson Auditorium, University Hall 1000)


9:30am Human Rights Issues, moderated by Cesare P.R. Romano, Loyola Law School


            “Why Drones Are Different”

            Stephan Sonnenberg, Stanford Law School


            “Is the United States’ Covert Use of Lethal Drones Outside “War Zones” Legal?”

            Daphne Eviatar, Human Rights First


    “Drone Strikes and Personal Testimonies”

    Justin Connelly, California Committee South, Human Rights Watch



10:45am Political Issues, moderated by Robert Williams, Pepperdine University


            “Studying Drones in the Low Quality Information Environment of Pakistan's Tribal Areas”

            C. Christine Fair, Georgetown


            “The Unintended Impacts of Preventive Force on the Contemporary Practice of Self-Defense”

            Avery Plaw and João Reis, University of Massachusetts


            “The Domestic Politics of Preventive War”

            Miroslav Nincic, UC Davis