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Our department welcomes one of our newest professors, Dr. Adam Thal, who teaches Empirical Approaches, Political Psychology, and soon Media and Politics. Attending undergrad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Thal realized his passion for the lifestyle and processes of political science as a sophomore research assistant. Before pursuing academia, Thal was a research scientist on policy analysis at Facebook and briefly an elementary school teacher with AmeriCorps, where he specialized in teaching vital life skills such as conflict resolution.

At LMU, Thal stresses the importance of coming to office hours and the role of professors as an aid to students. He compliments LMU students on being kind, cooperative, and open to new challenges— especially when coding R in Empirical Approaches. In his free time, Thal enjoys watching Succession, a dark comedy. He notes that he would teach a drawing class in an alternate universe. Thal imparts this to us: It’s okay to have no idea what you want to do, your career will progress in various directions, and that’s all a part of going with the flow of life.