Honors in Political Science and International Relations

Honors in Political Science and International Relations

Student presenting research at Undergraduate Research Symposium
Class of 2016 honors students presented their projects at the Western Political Science Association annual meeting.

Students who attain a GPA of 3.6 of higher, both overall and in the major, are automatically eligible to enroll in the Honors Seminar (POLS 5800) in the Fall of their senior year and write an Honors Thesis (POLS 5810) in the Spring of their senior year. Other students may be invited to pursue Honors by the faculty. The Honors Seminar is a prerequisite for the Honors Thesis. Students who attain a grade of A- or higher for the Honors Thesis will graduate with Honors in Political Science and International Relations. Both the Honors Seminar and Honors Thesis count toward the 24 semester hours of upper division course work required of majors.


Recent Theses Include:


Relational Equality: Rethinking Political Equality in Light of Citizenship and Liability

Budetti, Dominic V.


The Stock Market Effect at the Presidential and Congressional Levels

Clark, Kyle J.


Flipping the Coin: Understanding Counterinsurgency Decision Making at the Command Level in Iraq, 2003-2007

Rodriguez, Luis Manuel


Ideological Conflict and the Expansion of Presidential War Powers

Sinclair, Max


Equality of Opportunity in Libertarianism

Smith, Houston


Make America Run Again: Young Adults’ Political Ambition in the Trump Presidency

Takemoto, Megan


The Women’s March and Its Promotion of Intersectionality and Unity

Wong, Yi Ning


The Saliency of Ethnicity in African Politics

Artaza, Victoria E.


An Interest in Women, Peace and Security? National Action Plans and Implementation of UNSCR 1325

Torres, Priscilla T.


Changing Attitudes: International Cultural and Educational Exchanges as a Form of Public Diplomacy

Takeda, Erisa Jasmine


What are the Ethical Constraints of Western Counter-terrorism and PVE Initiatives that Feature Muslim Women?

Iskander, Nadine George


Critical Factors Contributing to the Success of Public Private Partnerships in Latin America

Dell’Oro, Marco


An Intersectional Approach to Understanding Black Veteran Homelessness

Daw, Katherine