Course Offerings

Click below to see courses that qualify for credit in Health and Society. Students are required to take the introductory course, and may take one additional lower-division elective if they choose. As a reminder, no more than two courses may be taken from the same department or program. The most up to date course descriptions can be located on the LMU Bulletin.

  • HEAS 2000 – Introduction to Health and Society

    This course introduces students to the social foundations of health, which includes how the organization of society shapes health, how culture shapes how we think about and act towards health, and how communities have responded to health challenges. To equip students to engage in rigorous interdisciplinary scholarship in the Health and Society minor, a portion of the course is dedicated to exploring the unique analytical frameworks and methodologies employed across disciplines contributing to the minor (e.g., Economics, History, Psychology, and Sociology) to study health, illness, and the body. Required for all minors.

  • Dept



    AFAM 3998 Race, Health, and Social Justice
    BIOE 1000 Epidemics and Infectious Diseases
    BIOL 276 Health and Disease in American Culture
    CMST 3325 Communication and Healthcare


    Health Economics
    EVST 3998 Agriculture, Food, and Justice


    Sustainable Cities
    FTVS 3230 Science, Medicine, and Digital Media


    Film Genre: Reproductive Health
    FTVS 4700 Science Fiction & Biopolitics


    Healthcare Administration
    HHSC 322 Public Health
    HHSC 344 Global and Community Health
    HHSC 410 Health Services for Marginalized Populations


    Health Law and Policy
    HIST 1900 Science, Nature & Society in the West
    HIST 3998 Global Health in Africa
    HIST 4433  Health and Disease in American Culture


    Health and Science Journalism
    PSYC 3019  African and Black Psychology
    PSYC 3998  Poverty and Community Resilience
    PSYC 3998 Refrigerator Moms & Wild Boys
    PSYC 4033 Community Psychology
    SOCL 3240 Sociology of Aging 
    SOCL 3150 Sociology of Health, Illness, and Biomedicine 
    SOCL 3250 Health and Social Justice 
    SOCL 3998  Drugs and Society 
    SOCL 3998 Community Organizing 
    SOCL 3998 Environments, Bodies, and the Climate Crisis 
    WGST 2200 Women’s Bodies, Health, and Sexuality 
    WGST 3900 Gender and Disability 
    --- ---  Other courses approved by the program director