Dr. Genovese

Dr. Genovese's Research

Dr. Michael A. Genovese, Director of the Institute for Leadership Studies, was honored with the Fritz B. Burns Teaching Award in 1995. The award recognizes outstanding educators at LMU for combining excellence in the classroom with excellence in the academic community through outstanding research. Genovese has published sixteen books, including The Presidential Dilemma (2002, second edition), The Presidency and the Law (Kansas, 2002), The Power of the American Presidency 1789-2000, (Oxford University Press, 2001), The Presidency and Domestic Policy (co-authored by William Lammers, CQ Press, 2000), The Paradoxes of the American Presidency (co-authored by Thomas Cronin, Oxford University Press, 2004, Second Edition), Woman As National Leaders (Sage, 1996), and The Presidency and the Constitution (2005,with Robert Spitzer). In 2004, his Encyclopedia of the American Presidency was honored by the New York Public Library with its “Best in Reference” Award. For 2004-2005, Genovese served as the President of the Presidency Research Group of the American Political Association. He also serves as Associate Editor of the journal, White House Studies. Genovese appears frequently as a political commentator on local and national television and is often quoted in magazines and newspapers.

Endowed Chair

In 2001, Michael A. Genovese was honored by the University with an Endowed Chair. The Loyola Chair of Leadership Studies was created to assist in the development of student leadership programs and promote research on leadership.

Oxford Univeristy Fellow

in 2006, in recognition of his academic achievements and publications, Dr. Genovese was named a Fellow at The Queen's College, Oxford University. The honor is the first of its kind awarded to an LMU faculty member.

Private College of the Year

In April of 2006, the Institute for Leadership was awarded the “Private University of the Year” award from The Washington Center. This award is granted to recognize the institute’s outstanding contributions in developing ethical and responsible student-leaders.