The mission of the university is the encouragement of learning, the education of the whole person, the service of faith and the promotion of justice. The history department makes a significant contribution to this mission. The study of history is at the heart of a liberal education. The history program is expected to make a significant contribution to students’ appreciation and understanding of the social, cultural, intellectual, and religious tradition of the university. Through a wide variety of course offerings it intends to illuminate the historical roots of the local, national, and global context of our multicultural community. An ongoing commitment to quality teaching is a major responsibility of each faculty member. Teaching means to share a love of learning, to stir the imagination of the students, and to broaden their minds. Students will be encouraged to develop the intellectual discipline to make judgments about the past based upon an accurate command of the pertinent evidence. Exit interviews and alumni comments have demonstrated that history faculty members have developed an excellent reputation as a community of outstanding teachers and productive scholars.

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From left to right: Dr. Najwa Al-Qattan, Dr. Nicolas Rosenthal, and Dr. Anthony Perron.


Full-Time Faculty Members

AL-QATTAN, Najwa (PhD, Harvard; associate professor) Middle East, Ottoman Empire, Syria, Palestine/Israel, Islamic Law, minorities.  Office UH3425 Phone 338-6035


 ANZILOTTI, Cara (PhD, California, Santa Barbara; associate professor) Colonial America, American women, gender, women and reform.  Office UH3512 Phone 338-3086


BITTEL, Carla (PhD, Cornell; associate professor) nineteenth-century United States, health and medicine, science and technology, Civil War and Reconstruction,  women's and gender history, childhood.  See Dr. Bittel's website  Office UH3428  Phone 338-2951


BLACKMAN, Dexter (PhD, Georgia State; assistant professor) African-American history, 20th Century and contemporary american history, U.S. sports history. Office UH3521 Phone 338-5885


CHEN, Constance J. S. (PhD, UCLA; associate professor) Asian Pacific American history, comparative race and gender, the politics of art, and transnational exchanges. Office 3524  Phone 338-2369


DEVEREUX, Andrew W. (PhD, Johns Hopkins; assistant professor) medieval Europe, early modern Spain, Mediterranean world. Office 3515  Phone 338-4536


DRUMMOND, Elizabeth A. (PhD, Georgetown; associate professor) modern Germany, modern Poland, women and gender, European nationalisms, imperialism, global history.  Office UH3423  Phone 338-2370


JOK, Jok M. (PhD, UCLA; professor) sub-Saharan Africa, Sudan, women's health. Office UH3522 Phone 338-7040  Office UH3522  Phone 338-7040


MCDONALD, Kevin P. (PhD,UC Santa Cruz; assistant professor) Colonial America/U.S., Atlantic world, world history.  Office  UH3517  Phone  258-8648


OCHOA, Margarita R. (PhD,UNM; assistant professor) Latin America, Colonial Mexico, ethnohistory, urban indians, women and gender, Nahuatl. Office  UH3520  Phone  568-6649


PERRON, Anthony M. (PhD, Chicago; associate professor) medieval Europe, canon law, premodern world history, Scandinavia.  Office  UH3422  Phone  338-5381


RAAB, Nigel A. (PhD, Columbia; associate professor) nineteenth-century Russia, urban history and public service, global encounters.  Office UH3426  Phone 338-2708


ROSENTHAL, Nicolas G. (PhD, UCLA; associate professor) Native American, American West, California, and Los Angeles.  See Dr. Rosenthal's website Office UH3525  Phone 338-1788

TRITLE, Lawrence A. (PhD, Chicago; professor) ancient Greece, republican and imperial Rome, war and violence in the ancient world.  Office UH3421  Phone 338-7385


WOODSON-BOULTON, Amy (PhD, UCLA; associate professor and chair) modern Britain and Ireland, the British empire, cultural reactions to industrialization, and the social role of art. See Dr. Woodson-Boulton's website. Office UH3434  Phone  338-2808


YOON, Sun-Hee (PhD, University Washington; assistant professor) premodern Korea, imperial China, east Asia. UH 3427  Phone  338-5772

Adjunct Faculty Members 

Spikes, Courtney (Ph.D. cand. UCLA) Early modern Europe, Modern France. Office  UH3430  Phone 258-5433

Wall, JoAnna (Ph.D. Cand.) Office 3432  Phone 258-5433


Professor in Residence

BUCKLEY, Thomas E., S.J. (PhD,Ret.) Colonial America. Office UH3419  Phone 338-4273

Retired Emeritus Faculty Members

GREVER, John H. (PhD, UCLA; prof. emeritus) early modern Europe, France, Dutch republic.

MAHAN, Terrance L., S.J. (PhD, Wisconsin, Madison; prof. emeritus) colonial America.

ROLFS, Richard W., S.J. (PhD, California, Santa Barbara; prof. emeritus) modern Germany, the German bishops and the Nazi-regime. 

TIEDEMANN, Joseph S. (PhD, Grad. Center, CUNY; prof.) early America, history of New York.