American Heroes Channel 1-26-15
America: Facts Vs. Fiction: Lost at Sea
LMU’s Kevin P. McDonald, professor of history, appears in a segment on sea piracy on this episode of the program. The episode originally aired in October and next airs on Jan. 26.

"Not Silent: Finding Voice in Civil War Artifacts"All are invited to a special opening reception for the Spring 2015 Archives & Special Collections exhibition, Not Silent: Finding Voices in Civil War Artifacts. This exhibition is curated by Professor Carla Bittel and students of HIST 550: The Civil War.


The study of history educates students to become global citizens engaged with the world around them and sensitive to our ties to the past, as students cultivate an understanding of both familiar and unfamiliar pasts and cultures in all their complexity. Historical perspective provides insight into the sequence of events, into the interconnections among peoples and societies, into the relationship among events at diverse times and places, and into the dynamism of structures and beliefs that can otherwise appear natural, fixed, or predetermined.

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"Out of the Classroom, Into the Museum: History Majors Curate Exhibit"  

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