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Classics & Archaeology

The Department of Classics and Archaeology is dedicated to promoting the study of all aspects of the ancient Mediterranean world. We offer a full range of courses in Latin and Greek, as well as a series of Classical Civilization courses in translation that require no knowledge of either language.

In addition, students can study the artifacts and archaeology of the Near East, and take full advantage of our extensive collection of coins and pottery from the Ancient World. Qualified students can also participate in archaeological excavations and surveys in Italy, Israel, Syria and southern Turkey. The Classics Society, our student-run organization, sponsors outside lecturers, trips to the Getty Museum, and the infamous Dionysus Festival every spring. For further information, click on the links above.



Dr. Jeffrey Siker

Dr. Matthew Dillon,

Dr. William Fulco, SJ

Dr. Caroline Sauvage

Dr. Katerina Zacharia

Adjunct Faculty

Amanda E. Herring, Ph.D.

Part-Time Faculty (Spring 2016)
Eric Wells, Ph.D.

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