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Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies is an academic interdisciplinary minor program designed to expose students to the study of the intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual expressions of Catholicism. It is grounded in Vatican II’s discussion of the Church in the modern world, with its focus on human culture, dignity and justice. On the one hand, Catholic Studies’ interdisciplinary nature mirrors the complex diversity that is Catholicism, as it intersects and interacts with history and culture. On the other hand, its intellectual and academic focus gives it purpose and direction as a program geared toward studying, exploring, critiquing and understanding the relationship between faith and culture. Therefore, it welcomes students and professors from any religious background and/or faith commitment and viewpoint.

Catholic Studies’ students pursue such issues as the influence of Catholicism upon the development of philosophy and the arts; the relationship between Catholicism and the history of world civilizations; the intellectual and ethical issues raised by the interactions of theology, science, and modern culture; Catholic social thought and practice; and the theological foundations of Catholicism. In addition, it offers students opportunities to explore the Ignation tradition that grounds LMU’s founding orders, the Society of Jesus and the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary. Moreover, it also makes available opportunities for community service and spiritual activities, expressions of the university’s commitment to a faith that does justice. Catholic Studies celebrates Catholicism as a living heritage.

Faculty from a number of LMU’s departments, schools and colleges teach courses appropriately cross-listed with Catholic Studies.




Upcoming Events and Programs in Catholic Studies


Spring 2016: CATH 3998 -- Faith and Business: An Intercultural Approach

This interdisciplinary course examines the intersection of faith and business in various cultural contexts.  The course includes a week-long trip to Peru during Spring Break.  For more information, contact director Tom Ward at