For High School Students

How can high school students get involved in LMU's Youth Theology Institute?

Take this opportunity to cultivate your own spiritual growth and develop your potential as a leader who is open, committed to the common good, and seeking justice in a broken world.

The LMU Youth Theology Institute is a weeklong experience.  Staying in the residence halls at LMU, you will spend time thinking and talking about your own big life questions and those of your fellow participants.  You will investigate what a just leadership for our contemporary world looks like for your generation. As part of the weeklong experience, you will visit organizations promoting justice as well as local faith communities from different religious and cultural traditions.  Each small group of youth participants will create a short film about their experiences at the LMU Youth Theology Institute.

To get involved, talk to the youth minister or pastor at your church about sending a group of students.  If you attend a Catholic high school or other private high school, ask your campus minister or theology/religion teacher if your school has already decided to participate.  If your church or high school is not participating, click here to contact LMU directly.