Women's and Gender Studies Faculty, Staff, and Students at the 2022 Senior Research Symposium
Senior Research Symposium 2022
WGST students and faculty
Senior Research Symposium 2020
Senior Research Symposium 2017
Sara Cohen presenting research
Women's Studies major Sara Cohen ’16 presenting her research at LMU's 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium.

The Department encourages students to seek out opportunities to grow as scholars through faculty-mentored research. 

University-wide opportunities include the Summer Undergraduate Research Program and the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Student Research Projects

Feminist Manifestos

Political Narratives

Senior Research Symposium

In Women's and Gender Studies, all our majors engage in in-depth research projects in our Senior Seminar course. See below for a selection of research topics. 

  • A selection of senior theses from 2019 and 2020:

    “The Association between Latinx Parent(s) and Adolescent(s) Conversations on Sexual and Reproductive Health”

    “Braving the Wilds: Metronormativity in Netflix’s Queer Eye

    “Desert as a Weapon: The Implications of Perverted Desert in Incels, Sexual Assault and Victim Blaming”

    “Disrupting Disease: A Historical Account of HIV Prevention and a Media Analysis of PrEP Advertisements”

    “Is College Athletics Exploitative? The Exploitation of Women Athletes Despite Title IX”

    “White Environmentalism, Neoliberalism, and Mainstream Fossil Fuel Divestment: Critical Reflections for Campus-Based Divestment and Reinvestment Campaigns”

    “Representing Misrepresentation in the Sensitivity Reader Debate: Harm, Offense, and Diversity in Fiction”

  • A selection of senior theses from 2018:

    "'Dirty Pretty' - Gender in Heavy Metal and the Paradox of Rebellion"

    "The Forgotten Women's Center: An Excavation of Activist History at Loyola Marymount University"

    "Across Borders & Beyond White Feminism - Building Transnational Feminist Solidarity with Salvadorian Women from a U.S. Perspective"

    "Lyme Disease Is a Feminist Issue"

    "Young Adults' Political Ambition in the Trump Presidency"

    "Feminism in the Modern Market: A Look at Brand Feminism and its Affect on Target Audience"


A selection of senior theses from 2021

"LGBTQ+ Discrimination: The Inadequacy of the Legislative Approach and How Community Psychology Methods Can Help,” by Hannah Burrell
“Embodyment: The Use of Artivism in Response to Gender Constructs in Dance,” by Gwyn Tanner
“Assimilation and Exclusion: Special Education Under Capitalism,” by Alison McCollum
“Whose Pain is Taken Seriously? An Interpretive Analysis of Pain Management Practices,” by Katie Stottlemire
“The Irony of the Outdoor Industry: Why Our Environmental Crises Will Never Be Solved Under Capitalism,” by Holly LaPlante
“Assimilation from the Perspective of Immigrants,” by Paulina Cano
“The Brown Shift: A Reconceptualization of Latinx/Chicanx Domestic Labor, White Hegemony and the Political Economy” by Rosalie Cruz

2022 Senior Symposium

On April 28th, students, faculty, and staff gathered to celebrate our graduating Seniors and all their hard-work. At this year's Senior Symposium, our graduating Women's and Gender Studies students presented their final research projects on a wide variety topics. Ranging from the history of LMU's LGBTQ Community, to the therepeutic use of dance for individual and cultural expression; from colorism and sexism in South Asian communities, to Queer TV and the 'death of camp,' our graduating Seniors finished the year strong! Congratulations to the Class of 2022 and to all our Women's and Gender Studies Majors and Minors. Follow us on Instagram at @Lmuwgst for more on the 2022 Senior Symposium! 

WGST Professors at the 2022 Senior Symposium
Dr. Mairead Sullivan and our WGST Faculty welcome friends, family, and colleagues to the Department as they introduce our Seniors and their research.

WGST Department Award Winner with Faculty 2022

Friends, Colleagues, and WGST Faculty pose with Jolie Brownell (LMU Class of 2022) our Department Award Winner for the 2021-2022 Academic Year!