The Department of Theological Studies offers two Master of Arts degrees in Theology and Pastoral Theology. Each of these programs offers students the opportunity to study in several areas, including biblical, historical, systematic, and moral theology, comparative theology, and pastoral ministry with special emphasis on the Roman Catholic theological tradition. The pastoral theology program includes an additional ministry and counseling emphasis in addition to foundational courses in theology.

Master of Arts in Theology

The Master of Arts in Theology provides students with a critical understanding of the Christian theological tradition, especially from a Roman Catholic perspective. The program engages students in serious reflection on the broad range of theological studies and methods (biblical, comparative, historical, liturgical, and systematic theology, as well as ethics, spirituality, faith and culture, ecumenical and interreligious dialogue). The goal of the program is to provide a general and integrated exploration of these areas for students seeking to teach a secondary level curriculum, for students preparing for further graduate education, and for students with a strong interest in theology beyond the undergraduate level.

Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology engages the student in critical theological reflection on ministerial practice as preparation for active ministry in a pluralistic society. The program provides theological foundations in pastoral theology, especially in the Roman Catholic tradition, and integrates the formation of persons preparing for pastoral ministry with their study of the Christian theological tradition (spirituality, liturgy, faith and culture, ethics, as well as biblical, historical, and systematic theology, and ecumenical and interreligious dialogue). Throughout the program there is a stress on the holistic relationships between pastoral theology, faith seeking critical understanding, and faith that does justice.