Faculty Research Interests

Faculty MemberAreas of ExpertiseContact
Anna Muraco Gay and Straight Life in Aging, Social Relationships, Gender, Aging and Caregiving Across the Life Course Anna.Muraco@lmu.edu
Stacy Burns Courts and Judges, Deviance and Mass Media, Sociology of Law Stacy.Burns@lmu.edu
James Faught Sociological Theory, Political Sociology, Community, Stratification jfaught@lmu.edu
Nadia Kim Migration, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Environmental Health Justice, Citizenship, Transnationalism Nyk888@gmail.com
Stephanie Limoncelli Global and Transnational Sociology, Gender, Labor, Sociological Theory Stephanie.Limoncelli@lmu.edu
Eric Magnuson Masculinities, Media and Society, Sociology of Work, The Men's Movement Eric.Magnuson@lmu.edu
Ravaris Moore Social Stratification, Social Demography Ravaris.Moore@lmu.edu
Rebecca Sager Areas of Expertise: Religion, Policy, Social Movements, Faith-Based Initiatives, Sociology of Gender Rebecca.Sager@lmu.edu
Rachel Washburn Sociology of Health and Illness, Science and Technology Studies, Environmental Health Rachel.Washburn@lmu.edu
Sylvia Zamora Immigration, Comparative Race and Ethnicity, Latin America, U.S. Latinos Sylvia.Zamora@lmu.edu