I. To enable students to develop a sociological imagination.

  • Distinguish sociological explanations of human behavior from those of other disciplines.
  • Express sociological ideas in a clear and coherent manner.
  • Describe how social structure affects groups and individuals.
  • Articulate the relationship between self and society.

II. To enable rigorous analysis of social phenomena using sociological concepts, frameworks, and methodologies.

  • Delineate the major theoretical frameworks used in building sociological knowledge.
  • Apply sociological theories to social phenomena.
  • Explain how social structures are reproduced or changed as a consequence of social forces.
  • Transform a problem of interest into a researchable question.
  • Evaluate methodologies employed in the social sciences.
  • Explain the ethical implications of social science research.

III. To encourage the development of engaged, thoughtful individuals capable of applying a sociological lens to address social problems.

  • Use sociological information to critically analyze contemporary social issues.
  • Describe patterns of social inequity and their affects for groups and individuals.
  • Evaluate different strategies for ameliorating social problems.