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The Los Angeles Lonergan Center


Preserving the Catholic and Jesuit Intellectual Tradition in the 21st Century

The mission of the Los Angeles Lonergan Center is to promote and support the scholarly study and implementation of the ideas of Bernard Lonergan, S.J., in the areas of methodology, philosophy, theology, and economics.

"Concern for the future, if it is not just high-sounding hypocrisy, supposes rare moral attainment. It calls for what Christians name heroic charity. In the measure that Christians practice and radiate heroic charity they need not fear they will be superfluous either in the task of discerning man's true good in this life or in the task of bringing it about."


The full text of back issues of METHOD: Journal of Lonergan Studies and Lonergan Workshop are now available on the Lonergan Resource site.

Books available for purchase on AMAZON:
Mark D. Morelli, At the Threshold of the Halfway House: Bernard Lonergan's Encounter with John Alexander Stewart [2008].

Mark D. Morelli, Self-Possession: Being at Home in Conscious Performance [Los Angeles: Emcanto Editions, 2016. second edition].