Learning Outcomes

Students minoring in Irish Studies are given opportunities to:

Learn about:

  • The general history of Ireland and the Irish diaspora
  • The distinctive literary achievements of the Irish
  • Irish achievements in cinema and dance
  • Historical, religious, and moral issues in contemporary Irish politics
  • The intersection/intermingling of Celtic and Christian worldviews
  • The connection of Irish struggles for freedom and self-determination to similar struggles in the United States and around the world


  • Their ability to perform research into several distinct aspects of the Irish experience
  • Their ability to compose well-written and thoughtful essays on Irish history, politics, religion, and culture
  • Their ability to evaluate and appreciate Irish achievements in the arts
  • Their ability to make connections across disciplines, countries, and cultures


  • The Irish struggle against cultural and political oppression and its relation and continuing relevance to similar struggles around the world
  • The distinctive contributions of the Irish to European, American, and world civilization.