Institute for Leadership Studies

The Institute for Leadership Studies teaches our students about leadership as we prepare them for responsible leadership. We transform students' lives, and challenge them to convert potential into achievement. At a critical juncture, we set students in the right direction by giving them opportunities to achieve personal as well as academic excellence, to become more effective and caring leaders, to more creatively devote themselves to service and civic engagement, to develop character and critical thinking skills, and to become more fully engaged global citizens. We help our students lead examined and full lives in their service to others.

Education about leadership takes place essentially in the classroom where we provide an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural examination of the theories and concepts of leadership and followership. Education for leadership involves hands-on experimental learning, which gives students the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in a real-world setting through internships, mentoring relationships, and other services. We attempt to give students the tools that will empower them to serve their communities with skill and compassion.