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Modern Languages & Literatures

Modern Languages & Literature

"A different language is a different vision of life."
- Federico Fellini, Italian film director

English is the world language, isn’t it? According to the CIA World Fact Book only 5.6 percent of the world’s total population speaks English as a native language. The number doubles when people who speak English as a foreign language are counted. That means that about four-fifths of the world’s population does not speak English.

A foreign language is your “password” to another culture. Our programs take direct and communicative approaches to mediate language and cultural experience. The students enrolled in classes at the Modern Languages and Literatures Department hone their verbal and linguistic skills in both, their target language and English. First and foremost, students will broaden their intellectual and cultural horizons by becoming acquainted with the literature, history, and the arts of another culture. Students arrive at a knowledge that encourages them to reinforce their own beliefs and to respect those of other peoples. Ultimately, our students receive the tools to foster intercultural understanding as the basis for social harmony and social justice.