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Astro Blackness 2



Please join us for "Astro Blackness 2: The Surreal, the Speculative and the Spooky" March 12th and 13th in LMU's McIntosh Center.

Topics: The Black Imagination & the Surreal, The Hoodoo Experience, The Ethno-Gothic in Comics, Supernatural Black Music, Ghosts in the Machine: Tech, Race and Image.




Kapow! Wonder Woman. Batman. Storm. Hulk. Amidst capes, masks, and spandex unfold epic tales of our heroes and their stories. Through the lens of fantastical identity narratives, superheros & comics provide a vehicle to talk about gender, race, sexuality, and class. These heroes are poised to speak. Who’s your hero?

***”SkypeTacular!” is a three-part skype series highlighting major scholars and creators of color in the comics industry.


Friday, Sept. 12, 2014 3:00 p.m., Ft. Howard Theatre, St. Norbert College, DePere, Wisconsin
Title: *SkypeTacular! "Super Black" Pop culture and Black Superheroes

Presenter: Dr. Adilifu Nama, Associate Professor, African American Studies, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Author of Super Black: American Pop Culture and Black Superheroes & Black Space: Imagining Race in Science Fiction Film.

Description: This first installment of the CVC’s “Kapow!” series, Dr. Nama’s conversation focuses on black racial identity and superheroes- from Storm, to Blade, to pop culture imagery of a hero-ified Barack Obama. Dr. Nama discusses constructed notions and myths about black racial formation.

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