Code Red

Film Premiere

Code Red: An Exploration of Degrowth Economics

Thursday, April 21st
7pm | UHALL 1000

  • Is economic growth all that it’s made out to be? With imminent climate disaster, overconsumption, and rising inequality, some wonder if our current desire for growth is compatible with ensuring the survival of our planet. Degrowth Economics throws conventional economics on its head and ushers in a new ‘utopian’ vision of prosperity. But is degrowth the solution we’ve been looking for, and can it even be implemented?

    The LMU Global Policy Institute is proud to present the film premiere of Code Red: An Exploration of Degrowth Economics. This documentary, created by Undergraduate Fellow Declan Tomlinson, explores the growing discourse of degrowth economics, which critiques the current status quo of economic thought. The film includes interviews with scholars around the world who are currently studying different aspects of this diverse school of thought, synthesizing them into a digital research project. The film outlines the history of degrowth in-action and provides new examples of what degrowth looks like in practice by gathering field sources. It evaluates whether degrowth can solve systemic problems, namely climate change, and analyzes the feasibility of implementation on a global (or even national) scale.

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