Huffington Ecumenical Collection

Among the goals of the HEI is creating a leading collection of library resources for the study and support of ecumenism at LMU's William H. Hannon Library. The Huffington Ecumenical Collection is building on the existing library holdings in Eastern Christianity and ecumenism, to bring together what will eventually be a research collection of regional and national importance.

Online Resources

The HEI has now begun compiling a collection of online resources on both Eastern and Western Christianity, particularly related to the United States. This section will eventually contain comprehensive links to information about the Latin Church, the Eastern Catholic Churches, and Orthodox Christian Churches in North America.

  • General Information: This section contains information on the structure, governance, background, and current life of the Eastern and Western Churches in all their forms.
  • Academic Programs: Links to a variety of institutes and programs that are related to the study of Eastern Christianity and/or ecumenism.
  • Local information: Resources specific to the Greater Los Angeles area, including dioceses, eparchies, parishes, and events.
  • Miscellaneous: Variety of links, from formal and informal sources, related to Eastern Christianity and ecumenism.

If you have a suggestion for a resource to be included on these pages, please contact us.