Marisol Gaytan '20

Watch Marisol Gaytan on "Todo Lo Puedo en Cristo"

Pastoral Theology Grad Marisol Gaytan made a special appearance on ESNE’s “Todo Lo Puedo en Cristo,” a television program dedicated to interviewing Catholic singers, preachers, and people who have had impressive faith encounters and life changing experiences. On the show, Gaytan discussed her identity and the many roles she plays as a Mexican, daughter, younger sister, wife, mother of two teenagers, and graduate student. She also shared how her interest in liturgical music led her to enroll in Loyola Marymount University’s M.A. in Pastoral Theology program.

Gaytan learned a great deal about pastoral liturgy and sacred music from her coursework, professors, and community at LMU. She sees her passion for theology and quest for knowledge as a lifelong journey, and looks forward to the pastoral application of what she’s gained from her graduate studies.

She described her time at LMU as one characterized by challenging but rewarding study. The experiences she had in the program were both joyful and enriching.

“The M.A. in Theology helps prepare students for further academic study as well as careers in teaching. The M.A. in Pastoral Theology is ideal for students who are interested or already involved in some form of ministry. It helps them to develop and practice a direct approach to ministry in virtually any setting.”

Gaytan encouraged all viewers to practice discernment in their lives. She advises all who feel even the slightest urge to delve deeper into questions of God and faith to apply to one of LMU’s graduate theology programs.

Watch a few minutes of Marisol Gaytan on “Todo Lo Puedo en Cristo” by clicking the image above.