Program Overview

Our students are invited to acquire a solid grasp of the history of philosophy and to pursue specialized studies of a range philosophical issues and figures. The program is designed for students who seek the comprehensive background and training required for admission to and success in a Ph.D. program in Philosophy, as well as for those who wish to complement their studies in related disciplines with the Master of Arts in Philosophy.

Special features of our M.A. Program are our commitment to imparting to students the skills associated with effective teaching as they broaden and deepen their philosophical understanding and our commitment to promoting our students' professional development in preparation for a career in the field of Philosophy.

The two-year M.A. Program in Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University was instituted in Fall 2001. 

Graduate Director: Brad Stone, Professor of Philosophy

The M.A. Program is marked by three emphases:

  • The history of Philosophy, including recent and contemporary continental philosophy
  • Ethical studies
  • Philosophy informing and informed by the Catholic and Jesuit tradition

Course offerings vary by semester. Recent seminar courses have included:

  • Fall 2017: Philosophy of Science; Classics of Chinese Philosophy; Plato; Kierkegaard
  • Spring 2017: Plotinus; Hegel; Foucault; Early Modern British Aesthetics
  • Fall 2016: Philosophy of Religion; Aquinas; Kant's Ethics & Aesthetics; Philosophy & Psychoanalysis
  • Spring 2016: Hermeneutics; Aristotle; Lonergan; Anselm; Virtue Epistemology
  • Fall 2015: Plato, Kant, Kierkegaard, Environmental Philosophy
  • Spring 2015: Marx, Philosophy of Friendship, Foucault, Hume, Aquinas, Augustine
  • Fall 2014: Hegel, Heidegger, Topic in Phenomenology, Plotinus and Proclus, The Problem of Evil
  • Spring 2014: Duns Scotus, Aristotle, Kant, Wittgenstein, Daoism & European Thought

A complete list of courses offered on a rotating basis can be found in the LMU Bulletin with graduate level seminars beginning at 6100.

The program offers many opportunities for financial aid and assistantships that offset the cost of the program, including a unique teaching assistantship program. Learn more about assistantships, grants, and aid on our Financial Aid page.


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