Student receiving diploma Philosophy is an exciting and challenging discipline. Its goal is to encourage and develop a more reflective understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. This is the discipline with the courage to pursue questions that really matter.

  • Does God exist?
  • What is so special about being human?
  • What is the relation of mind to matter?
  • Is all of reality knowable?
  • Are there objective moral truths?
  • What are the limits of scientific understanding?
  • What is a just political system?

Questions like these have been discussed by philosophers for over 2000 years. They are among the most difficult questions human beings have ever asked, but their study is enlightening and rewarding. The value of a degree in Philosophy is not confined within the limits of an academic discipline. Philosophical training develops critical judgment and analytical, problem-solving, and synthesizing capacities that are virtually unlimited in their usefulness. Since the content of Philosophy touches every sphere of human activity, a major in Philosophy complements almost every other field of study.

For more information about majoring in Philosophy, visit the website PHILOSOPHY: THE MAJOR FOR LIFE