Danielle Tatik '17

Danielle Tatik '17


Q. What made you decide to pursue an MA in Yoga Studies?

After almost a decade of teaching yoga and attending 6 teacher trainings, I started felt the profession was starting to become over saturated with teachers and studios. I was at a point where I was ready to create a more financially satisfying career for myself and saw the MA in Yoga Studies program as a way to do that. I pursued this degree as a way to deepen and refine the knowledge and experience I already had and give me a platform from which I could develop my career in Yoga. 

Q. What was your favorite course, and what was it like?

Yoga Texts & Philosophies with Chris Chapple. His knowledge is endless, his lectures are inspiring, and his assignments allow room for creative exploration of yoga philosophy in order to make the experience personal, beneficial, and educational for each student. I grew a lot in this class. 

Q. What work are you doing now, and how did the MA in Yoga Studies play into that?

I was recruited to be the education coordinator for Tantris, a celebrity yoga, fashion, and wellness brand. I do a variety of things for Tantris. To name a few, I am a co-creator of the Tantris Yoga method, create all educational content that goes out to the community and teachers, currently developing the teacher training curriculum, consult on using yogic ideas in all aspects of the company. 

The MA in Yoga Studies gave me the deep knowledge of all aspects of Yoga to be able translate it to modern culture and make it teachable. It also gave me the ability to critically analyze yoga practices and philosophies in order to make sure they are used appropriately, research and writing skills, and the confidence to be an innovator of Modern yoga. 

Q. Any advice for future MA in Yoga Studies students?

Take advantage of every resource available to you while being a student. Embrace the knowledge of your professors, the luxury of having this time to learn and grow in many ways, find a yoga teacher in LA you love and take at least 1 class a week, and carve out time in your week to spend in nature. Life balance was key for my success in this program.