Yoga Students in the Classroom
"Off the mat and into the world."

What is Yoga Therapy?

“Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.” -International Association of Yoga Therapy


The Post Graduate Yoga Therapy (PGYT) Certificate program extends students’ knowledge and experience developed in the Master of Arts in Yoga Studies for the therapeutic applications of Yoga, including mentored practicums within clinical and educational settings.

LMU’s Yoga Therapy Graduate Certificate – the highest degree of its kind in the country – is completed as a third year following the two-year residential Master of Arts in Yoga Studies program. See concurrent co-requisites below.

Required Coursework (Pre/Co-Requisites):

  • Master of Arts in Yoga Studies (two-year degree program) - Click Here
  • Yoga Therapy Rx Level 1 and Level 3 through LMU’s Extension* - Click Here

Curriculum (Third Year)

Fall, Year 3

  • YGST 6060 Health Science and Yoga II (3 units)
  • YGST 6070 Yoga Therapy Applications (3 units)

Spring, Year 3

  • YGST 6080 Yoga Therapy Practicum (3 units)
  • YGST (~) Yoga Therapy India**

*To receive International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT) certification, students must complete both Yoga Therapy Rx Level 1 and Level 3 and additional practicum hours. For those interested in simplifying the course of study without IAYT certification, student may complete only Yoga Therapy 1 and still be eligible for the Post Graduate certificate.

**All students may elect to participate in a study abroad experience in India at leading centers for Yoga Therapy, including but not restricted to Kaivalyadham in Lonavala (founded 1924) and the International Centre for Yoga Education and Research in Pondicherry (founded in 1967).

  • PGYT students begin coursework in the Fall semester only. However, applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

  • Those seeking C-IAYT certification are also required to take the following co-requisites through LMU’s Center for Religion and Spirituality (CRS):
    • Applicants enrolled prior to 2020:  Yoga Therapy Rx Levels 1 and 3 - Click Here
    • Applicants enrolled 2020 or later:  Yoga Therapy Rx Levels 1 and 2 - Click Here


All students seeking C-IAYT are also required to complete 150 mentored practicum hours.  Those hours not completed during the PGYT can be completed through CRS following completion of the PGYT graduate curriculum.  These hours may be completed off-site in any location or through telehealth sessions.

  • Please note that only Yoga Rx Level 1 or equivalent is required for completion of the PGYT. 


Low Residency / Online students seeking waiver of Level 1 requirement, please be prepared to submit the following as part of the application:

-Name of course:

-Name of organization:

-Instructor(s) and credentials:

-Hours completed. Indicate number of hours in-person, synchronous online, asynchronous online.

-Start and completion dates

-Certificate of completion


What to Expect:

While Enrolled

As the only accredited Graduate Yoga Studies program in the United States, students are positioned as emerging leaders in the fields of modern Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Building upon the M.A. in Yoga Studies graduate level coursework in Yoga philosophy, Sanskrit language, comparative theology and health science, PGYT students extend their knowledge in applying classical Yoga tradition to modern therapeutic practice. LMU’s Post Graduate Yoga Therapy certificate includes travel to India to study at a modern medical research hospital, as well as mentorship and practicum with the nation’s leading Yoga Therapy and Graduate Yoga Studies faculty.

Students in the PGYT examine and integrate the philosophy and practices of Yoga through both classical Yoga and modern science perspectives to develop holistic effective and safe personalized Yoga practices for clients with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual conditions. Skilled faculty devote significant time and individualized attention to students to guide independent research study, support community programming and offer real world experience through mentorship and practicum field work. Graduates gain skills in critically evaluating Yoga research and are prepared for scholarly presentation at academic and professional conferences.

Through this comprehensive experience, students are aptly situated as leaders in the emerging field of professional Yoga Therapy. This graduate level Yoga Therapy certificate is a rigorous immersion program in applied Yoga philosophy as therapy for facilitating physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Upon Completion (Career Opportunities)

Graduates of the PGYT complete the program with both a Master degree and a Post Graduate certificate, the highest certifications available in the field today. Students completing the additional courses through LMU Extension will also qualify for certification with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT). PGYT graduates are prepared for careers in private Yoga Therapy practice, within clinical, organizational and educational settings, as University and Yoga Therapy program faculty and are positioned for continued Ph.D. coursework. Graduate alumni are currently serving as faculty at accredited Universities nationally and internationally, developing Graduate, Undergraduate, Community College and teacher training programs, running their own studios, wellness centers and community organizations (non-profits), and further contributing as leaders in the emerging field of Yoga Therapy.


How to Apply:

Create an account to submit your appliction.


Required Materials:


Personal Statement 

See below for prompt: 

 “Please share your goals for attending the PGYT and your vision for how you hope to apply this in your future.

 1-2 pages, 12 size font, 1 inch margins”


Resume / CV

Please be prepared to upload a resume or CV as part of the application, including:

1. Graduation date from M.A. Yoga Studies program

2.  Please list all prior yoga teacher trainings and yoga therapy trainings including 200-hour program, certifications and specialty trainings.

3.  Please list all Yoga teaching experience including studio, community and privates with approximate dates.


For more information on the Post Graduate Yoga Therapy certificate, costs, and financial aid:

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