A Teacher and Theologian with a Passion for the Classroom

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Current Graduate Theological Studies student Geoffrey Watson recently published an article in America Magazine, a renowned Catholic magazine published by the Jesuits of America. In the article, Watson reflects on his experience and purpose as a Catholic educator, especially since the coronavirus pandemic forced schools into online education early in 2020. He proposes an integration of Christian mysticism into the Catholic school curriculum, in order to give young people an opportunity to become "courageous contemplatives." 

Below is a short testimony from Geoffrey in which he describes his work as a teacher and his passion for theology, which he is pursuing through the M.A. in Theology program: 

I was raised in Philadelphia, PA and now teach World Literature and Spanish at St. Francis High School in La Cañada, CA. I came to the LMU Masters in Theology Program after a long love affair with the mystical traditions of Christianity, during which, writers like St. Teresa of Ávila, Thomas Merton, Anthony de Mello, and St. Therese of Lisieux made a huge impact on my spiritual life.

I am currently finishing my first year in the program, and so far, what I’ve enjoyed most about the experience has been learning about how ancient Hebrew and early Christian communities responded to the interior and political pressures they faced, and the ways in which they systematized, articulated, fought for, and grew these radical communities, traditions, and ideas. I’ve also really loved getting to know my fellow students and building my own theological circle of friends.

Thanks to such dedicated, rigorous instructors, there is a growing pile of books next to my shelf with names like Ruether, Brueggemann, Johnson, and Thurman who continue to challenge, engage, and enrich my soul. After LMU, I hope to continue studying these sacred texts and write about my own faith journey. You can follow me on Twitter (@Geoffrey_Watson) where I love to chat about all things theological! 

You can read Geoffrey's article for America Magazine HERE