As sociologists at Loyola Marymount University our purpose is to discover and confirm evidence about society. We are appalled and dismayed by President Trump’s shameful, cavalier, and blatant disregard for social scientific evidence. As researchers who have studied most of these issues our entire lives, we know that the data prove, for instance, that immigrants do not commit more crimes than native-born Americans; it is, in fact, assimilation to US society that increases crime rates. We know that the vast majority of Muslim Americans and Muslims around the world are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who decry extremism. We know that there is no such thing as a 9th month abortion – that, by the way, is called a “C-section delivery” -- and that women’s indisposable contributions to the global and US work force and to higher education would not be possible without full control of their reproductive and other forms of health.  We know that the murder rates he so falsely attributes to inner-city communities of color have decreased dramatically in the last two decades, and that "stop-and-frisk" was a destructive program of racist police profiling.  We know that children who are raised by gay/lesbian parents are just as well-developed as, and often more so than, kids raised by heterosexual parents.  Finally, the social scientific record demonstrates that most disabled people are perfectly able to work in our labor market, but systematically are not hired or promoted due to the type of ableist discrimination that he unleashed against a respected disabled journalist.  Furthermore, we sociologists join with scientists across the country and globe to insist that the President read the countless studies proving that climate change exists, is human-made, and is in need of immediate reversal before all of us, including him and his family, feel its wrath.  Henceforth, we demand that President Trump evidence each and all of his public statements and policy decisions with patterned scientific data from universities (research universities, that is, not the likes of Trump University).  Otherwise, we will make sure that, at every turn in his Presidency, he will have to answer to us social scientists and to our overwhelming data that disprove his countless fabrications, falsehoods, and "alternative facts."