Negin Ghavami Psychology Applied Research Center

1 LMU Drive, UH 4714
Los Angeles, CA 90045
P: 310.338.4507

Negin Ghavami, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate

A post-doc scholar at UCLA in the Department of Psychology and Education, her work focuses on social processes that produce social inequity or promote social justice. She uses an intersectional approach to the study of intergroup relations and examines how sexual orientation combines with ethnicity and gender to shape stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination, and in turn, affect well-being, health and educational outcomes. Given the interdisciplinary nature of her work, Dr. Ghavami employs a wide range of research methods and conducts studies with diverse populations of children, adolescents and adults on the internet, the community, and schools. Her studies bridge basic research with applications for social policy and interventions to improve intergroup relations, promote social equality and reduce health disparities.